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furutescape With James Woods
What will the future look like? It's a question that writers, philosophers and scientists have been pondering for millennia. But the future that once existed solely in the human imagination...has arrived. FUTURESCAPE is a new, six-part series unveiling these incredible mind-blowing discoveries. Each episode explores a different event horizon that will critically alter life as we know it. Telepathy. Colonizing Space. Staying Forever Young. Robot Citizens.

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Time Warp

New Season Premieres March 19 at 9ET
Outrageous Acts of Science

The internet is full of clips of people doing crazy, hilarious and downright amazing things and this series highlights the cream of the crop. From human powered flying machines in Canada, space explorers in the UK, backwards talking girls in the US and the New Zealander that built a robot rock band, a team of scientists deconstruct and explain how each action in the clip worked, how risky it was and above all exactly why it shouldn't be tried at home.