All-American Makers

The Panelists

Every maker and entrepeneur must go through the panelists on ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS. The panel is made up of Printrbot founder and owner Brook Drumm, mechanical designer and robotics expert Brian Roe and venture capitalist Marc Portney. 




Brooke is a former pastor who turned web developer and spent a few years working on websites and iPhone apps. His work in the software business left him unsatisfied and he wanted to build hardware. Something he could build with his own two hands. That's when 3D printers first came out and something in Brooke just clicked and he ordered the parts for a 3D printer after saving up the money. What he found was that the 3D printer, the Cupcake a model from Makerbot, was too difficult to assemble. The idea struck him to sell cheaper 3D printers to the public but he didn't have the funding. That's when he turned to Kickstarter and requested $25,000 dollars from the public. In 48 hours he had hit his goal, but it wasn't over. As the Kickstarter campaign he kept receiving money until it eventually reached $800,000 dollars. Brooke had the money, now he had to produce results and he made it happen. He's now the CEO of Printrbot, a company that can scale up and make thousands of 3D printers a month. 



Brian is a mechanical designer by trade. He's worked on many different projects and has had a diverse career. Brian has worked as a creature creator for Hollywood films and was a part of the successful combat robot team for the show Battlebots. He's even assisted in the design of the 3D cameras used for the blockbuster film Avatar. 



Marc is an American entrepeneur, investor and business advisor. He's president of  Chelsea Home Imports, an international player in the product development, manufacturing and sales business. He's the Director of New Business Development and Special Advisor to the Board of Directors for Red Cardinal Holding Corporation, a multi-national corporation with holdings over a billion dollars. 

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